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This page contains a table showing which versions of ScalaTest and JMock each version of ScalaTest + JMock works with. We'll release a new version of ScalaTest + JMock for each release of ScalaTest and each non-binary-compatible release of JMock. Click on the ScalaTest + JMock to visit the Scaladoc for that release.

ScalaTest + JMock VersionScalaTest VersionJMock Versions 3.2.5 2.8.x 3.2.4 2.8.x 3.2.3 2.8.x 3.2.2 2.8.x 3.2.1 2.8.x 3.2.0 2.8.x 3.1.2 2.8.x 3.1.1 2.8.x 3.1.0 2.8.x

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