ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.9 Release Notes

ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.9 (for Scala 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13) includes the enhancements and bug fixes listed below. No source code using ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0 or higher should break, but from any version other than other 3.0.x releases (with which this release is binary compatible), you will likely need to do a clean build to upgrade. Also, because 3.0.6 was accidentally not binary compatible with 3.0.5, you may need to do a clean build to upgrade from 3.0.6.

For information on how to include ScalaTest in your project, see the install page. For information on how to use Scalactic in your production code, see its install page.


Bug Fixes

  • Only expect non-filtered Async tests to be reported as completed in AsyncEngine, ParallelTestExecution and RandomTestOrder, which causes incorrect test count reported.
  • In SuiteSortingReporter, only remove suite reporter after the SuiteCompleted event is reported correctly.


  • Updated scala-js version to 0.6.33.
  • Updated scalacheck version to 1.14.3.
  • Rewritten SuiteSortingReporter and TestSortingReporter to create timer instance only when required, avoiding creating the timer thread when it is not needed.
  • Changed SuiteRunner so that the behavior of handling fatal error in parallel execution is consistent with execution in serial.


ScalaTest 3.0.9 contains no new deprecations.



  • Improved support for Symbol in Prettifier and PrivateMethodTester.
  • Updated scala-js version to 0.6.33.

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