ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.8 Release Notes

ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.8 (for Scala 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13) includes the enhancements and bug fixes listed below. No source code using ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0 or higher should break, but from any version other than other 3.0.x releases (with which this release is binary compatible), you will likely need to do a clean build to upgrade. Also, because 3.0.6 was accidentally not binary compatible with 3.0.5, you may need to do a clean build to upgrade from 3.0.6.

For information on how to include ScalaTest in your project, see the install page. For information on how to use Scalactic in your production code, see its install page.


Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate classes of JMock, JUnit, ScalaCheck, TestNG, EasyMock, and Selenium to packages, this fixes a problem for user susing these from Java.
  • Changed Framework to favor @WrapWith when it is available, consistent with behavior of ScalaTestFramework and Runner.
  • Fixed javascript error in report files generated by HtmlReporter.
  • Added root to the macros defined in TypeMatcherMacro.


  • Use collection prefix from toString for ColCompatHelper's className implementation of Scala 2.13.0.
  • Updated to use scala-js 0.6.28, 1.0.0-M3 and 1.0.0-M8.


  • Deprecated org.scalatest.enablers.CheckerAsserting in favour of org.scalatestplus.scalacheck.CheckerAsserting.



  • Make Prettifier to not depend on scala-xml classes, and removed scala-xml dependency from Scalactic.
  • Make StringOps in Prettifier to be compatible with Scala 2.13.0, all tests in AssertionsSpec now passes.
  • Made Every's groupBy method to behave consistently in Scala 2.13.0.

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