ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.6 Release Notes

ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.6 (for Scala 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12) includes the enhancements and bug fixes listed below. No source code using ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0 or higher should break, but you will likely need to do a clean build to upgrade. Unfortunately, this release was accidentally not binary compatible with 3.0.5. We recommend you use 3.0.8 or higher instead.

For information on how to include ScalaTest in your project, see the install page. For information on how to use Scalactic in your production code, see its install page.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect test count problem in scala-js starting 0.6.22.
  • Fixed problem when partial unification is enabled with -Ypartial-unification.
  • Enhanced TypeMatcherHelper to handle primitive types checking.
  • Enhanced TypeMatcherHelper to handle AnyVal correctly.


  • Moved away from using octal escapes, as they are deprecated and will be removed in Scala 2.13.
  • Wrap <script> sections of HtmlReporter in <![CDATA[]]>.
  • Bumped up to use ScalaCheck 1.14.0.
  • Bumped up to use scala-xml version 1.1.0.
  • Bumped up to use scala-js version 0.6.26.
  • Added support for Scala 2.13.0-M5.


  • Added support of -T argument in SBT.


  • Deprecated to and until method in Float and Double anyvals.
  • Deprecated ScalaCheck related classes in org.scalatest.prop, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.scalacheck.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.easymock, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.easymock.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.jmock, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.jmock.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.junit, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.junit.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.mockito, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.mockito.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.selenium, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.selenium.
  • Deprecated classes in org.scalatest.testng, moved the classes into org.scalatestplus.testng.

Autofix for ScalaTest 3.0

To help users to migrate from deprecated packages to new packages, we include an autofix tool that can help you to rename the packages automatically.

If you're using the latest Scala 2.11 or 2.12, you can follow this guide to use autofix:


Scalactic 3.0.6 contains no changes to Scalactic compared to 3.0.5.

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