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ScalaTest support in the IntelliJ Scala plugin

The IntelliJ Scala plugin comes with good ScalaTest support, including:

  • Running ScalaTest suite by right-clicking on the source
  • Showing the run results in a format that mirrors the structure of the suite/specification
  • Hopping from results to source code

Scala plugin

First make sure that latest version Scala plugin is installed and enabled. Go to:

File -> Settings... -> Plugins
On a Macintosh, you would go to:
IntelliJ IDEA -> Preferences... -> Plugins
IntelliJ Scala plugin

If it is not shown in the list, click Install JetBrains plugin and search for scala. Right click on the Scala plugin and choose Download and Install:

IntelliJ Install Scala plugin

Close the Browse JetBrains Plugins window, click Apply on the Settings window, and restart to activate the new plugin.

Using ScalaTest

To use ScalaTest in your Scala project, you must make sure ScalaTest is included as a library in your module/project settings, both ScalaTest 1.x and the latest 2.0 version (recommended) are supported.

If you are using sbt, you can add ScalaTest as dependency in your sbt build file:

libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" % "scalatest_2.10" % "2.0" % "test"

and use sbt-idea to generate IntelliJ project files, which you can then easily open with IntelliJ.

If you want to configure the library dependency of IntelliJ project/module settings manually, please consult Configuring Module Dependencies and Libraries instead.

Running ScalaTest

After your project built successfully, you can run any ScalaTest suite by right clicking on the source:

IntelliJ Run ScalaTest

The results shown will follow the structure of the specification:

IntelliJ Run ScalaTest

You can hop to the related source by double-clicking on the test (leaf) nodes, for scope nodes (e.g. the A Stack node), you'll need to press the F4 key.

Creating ScalaTest Run Configuration Manually

You can also create a ScalaTest run configuration manually by following:

Run -> Edit Configurations

Click on + at the upper left corner and choose ScalaTest to create a new ScalaTest run configuration:

IntelliJ Create ScalaTest Run Configuration

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