ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.2.13 Release Notes

ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.2.13 (for Scala 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 3.1; on the JVM, JavaScript, and native) includes the enhancements listed below.

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ScalaTest 3.2.13 is a minor release of ScalaTest that makes bug fixes, few enhancements, and supports Scala.js 1.8.x, Scala.native 0.4.5 and Scala 3.1.x.

Bug Fixes

Fixed missing original error message in the error message raised by 'should compile' matcher in Scala 3, also made it to use different message for parse and type error. (PR #2125)

Bug fix in HtmlReporter to throw ClassNotFoundException correctly. (PR #2138)

Change ConfigMapWrapperSuite to use wrapped suite's name and ID. (PR #2142)


WordSpec Error Message Enhancement: Propogate cause of TestFailedException and TestCanceledException in registerBranch and registerShorthandBranch function when the cause of NotAllowedException or DuplicateTestNameException. (PR #2132)

Updated to use Scala 3.1.3. (PR #2135)

Scala 3: Use open class for concrete classes for style classes. (PR #2146)

Enhanced cannotLoadDiscoveredSuite error message to include class name and error message. (PR #2148)

Updated to use scala-native 0.4.5. (PR #2149)


ScalaTest 3.2.13 contains no new deprecations.


Bug Fixes

Scalactic 3.2.13 contains no bug fixes.


Added a more general approach to detect cyclic objects when traversing nested collections in Prettifier. (PR #2131)

Added truncateAt function to Prettifier companion to allow creation of default prettifier that will truncate collection at certain size before prettifying. (PR #2131)

Do away with GenTraversable and GenMap in Prettifier. (PR #2134)

Updated to use scala-native 0.4.5. (PR #2149)


Scalactic 3.2.13 contains no new deprecations.

ScalaTest/Scalactic Contributors

Thanks to the contributors for the ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.2.13 release:

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