ScalaTest 2.1.7 Release Notes

ScalaTest 2.1.7 is a maintenance release for the 2.1.x series that includes the two changes listed below. No source code using ScalaTest 2.0+ should break, but you may need to do a clean build to upgrade. Although, 2.1.7 will likely binary compatible for the vast majority of projects using earlier 2.1.x versions, because of a compiler bug in the interaction of the no-specialization flag and DelayedInit under Scala 2.10, it is safest to do a clean build to upgrade to 2.1.7.


  • In AsyncAssertions, if a >Waiter receives more than the expected number of dismissals, it will no longer report this as an error: i.e., receiving greater than the number of expected dismissals without any failed assertion will simply cause the the test to complete, not to fail. As of 2.1.7, the only way a Waiter will cause a test to fail is if one of the asynchronous assertions to which it is applied fails.
  • Compiled ScalaTest 2.1.7 without the no-specialization flag. This flag was set in the ScalaTest build several years ago to work around a bug in the Scala compiler. Although that compiler bug was fixed, the no-specialization flag persisted under the radar in the ScalaTest build until now. In theory the removal of this flag in the ScalaTest build shouldn't affect any users, but because of a bug in the interaction of Scala's DelayedInit flag and the no-specialization flag in Scala 2.10, there's a chance some users may need to recompile their tests without the no-specialiation flag under 2.10.

    The only place DelayedInit appears in ScalaTest is in its NoArg trait. The documentation for this trait recommends using it only as a last resort, when none of the other, simpler alternatives for sharing fixtures will suffice. So NoArg should be only rarely used, but if you have used it and lightening strikes, it will take the form of a NoSuchMethodError when your tests run even though everything has compiled fine. To solve this problem, do a clean build of your project without the no-specialization flag. If you have any problems with this, please post to ScalaTest users and we'll help you out.

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