ScalaTest Release Notes

ScalaTest 1.9.2 is a stepping-stone to help pave the way to upgrade from ScalaTest 1.9.1 to ScalaTest 2.0. Other than a few deprecations that were coming in 2.0 anyway, 1.9.2 removes the dependency on the deprecated Scala actors library, and refactors the ScalaTest style traits into classes.


  • Removed the dependency on the old Scala actors library
  • Refactored style traits into a style class/style trait pair. The style trait for class X is now named XLike, i.e., FunSuite is now a class and FunSuiteLike the trait.

Deprecations and removals

  • Deprecated expectResult in favor of assertResult in org.scalatest.Assertions.
  • Deprecated MustMatchersForJUnit in favor of ShouldMatchersForJUnit in package org.scalatest.junit.
  • Deprecated Specs in favor of Suites in package org.scalatest.
  • Added shouldEqual to org.scalatest.matchers.ShouldMatchers.
  • Deprecated "be === " matcher syntax in favor of shouldEqual.
  • Deprecated MustMatchers in favor of ShouldMatchers in package org.scalatest.matchers. This will be a good, long deprecation cycle, during which MustMatchers will continue to work as before. But eventually MustMatchers will be removed from ScalaTest, after which must will later return to serve a different purpose.
  • Removed long-deprecated Spec (renamed FunSpec), and the long-deprecated MultipleFixture* traits in org.scalatest.fixture.

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