ScalaTest Release Notes

ScalaTest 1.9.1 is source (but not necessarily binary) compatible with previous releases. To upgrade from 1.8, you should only need to do a clean build.

This release was created to accomdate changes forced by Scala 2.10 and sbt 0.12. As a result, from the user's perspective it differs from 1.8 by only one bug fix and two deprecations:

Bug fixes

  • Added missing abstract and override modifiers for patienceConfig in org.scalatest.concurrent.IntegrationPatience to enable it to be mixed in as intended.


  • Added expectResult to Assertions, and deprecated expect. expect will be used for a different purpose in a future version of ScalaTest.
  • Renamed Matchers in package org.scalatest.matchers to ClassicMatchers and deprecated Matchers.

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ScalaTest is free, open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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