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Using ScalaTest with sbt

ScalaTest's Framework supports using ScalaTest from sbt. In sbt version 0.10 and higher, simply add a line like this to your project file:

libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" % "scalatest_2.10" % "2.0" % "test"

Your test sources files go into src/test/scala. You can run all of them from the sbt console with:

> test

If you want to run particular suites, use test-only and provide their fully qualified names in a space separated list:

> test-only org.acme.RedSuite org.acme.BlueSuite

Or you can specify a glob:

> test-only *RedSuite

You can configure the output shown when running with sbt in four ways: 1) turn off color, 2) show short stack traces, 3) full stack traces, and 4) show durations for everything. To do so you must pass a -o argument to ScalaTest, and after the -o, place any combination of:

  • D - show durations
  • S - show short stack traces
  • F - show full stack traces
  • W - without color

For example, "-oDF" would show full stack traces and durations (the amount of time spent in each test).

To pass arguments from sbt to ScalaTest you can either add test options globally, like this:

testOptions in Test += Tests.Argument("-oD")

Or if you are using more than one test framework, like this:

testOptions in Test += Tests.Argument(TestFrameworks.ScalaTest, "-oD")

You can also pass arguments for individual runs by placing them after --, like this:

> test-only org.acme.RedSuite -- -oD

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